Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Little By Little

Little by little, we are getting things ready for Bailey to start elementary school. Today, they delivered and assembled his desk. It takes up a little more room than I thought it would, but after we get used to it, it won't be so bad. I wonder how much studying a first grader has to do anyway. . . . but, there will be more studying as he gets older so we went with a desk that would grow with him. I just have no idea where we will put another desk in two years when Sophie starts elementary school. Think they would mind sharing?
Bailey's gym clothes. We bought these a couple sizes too big, so hopefully he can get more wear out of them. They have a drawstring at the waist so the size can be adjusted pretty easily. Don't you love that, mom, why do we have to take pictures of everything face?
Today it is cold and rainy and Bailey is complaining that his stomach hurts, so after lunch I hope to get started on the shoes bags and gym clothed bag that he needs. I was hoping he would just agree to use the ones he used in pre-school, but he has outgrown Thomas the tank engine and can't fathom having anything other than Pokemon. He has Pokemon pencils and pencil case, erasers and colored pencils, glue and scissors. Wonder how long this Pokemon obsession is going to last?

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