Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another Day At Home

Yesterday, I managed to get three of the bags Bailey needs for elementary school finished. There is one for his glue, scissors, tape and stapler. The middle one is for his gym clothes and one more for his cup and toothbrush. Now, there are only two others I need to make- one for his inside shoes and one for miscellaneous use.

For Sophie, I need to make two shoe bags (her shoes have gotten too big for the ones she was using) and check to make sure that all of her things still have name labels on them. I should also get her uniform dry cleaned and maybe buy a few more pairs of white knee socks.

Bailey's stomach isn't getting any better, so I took him to the doctor this morning. Seems to be a stomach virus that is currently going around and the doctor advised us to stay home until Bailey gets better. After picking up his medicine, we made a quick trip to the store (for a few groceries and a couple of new books to keep the kids occupied for a while)and then we came home.

I am pretty sure that tomorrow will be another at home day, so I will try to finish up the bags for both kids by the end of the week.

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medea said...

Those bags look super cute! Good job. Hope B is feeling better soon.