Saturday, December 05, 2009

Jingle, Jangle

God lord, how did it get to be December already? Still tons to do before the jolly old elf makes his appearance- buying the kid's gifts, decorating the house, planning the menu, baking and I am sure that other little things will pop up along the way.

Sophie is pretty consistent when you ask her what she wants from Santa- an Anpanman bread factory so she can play bakery. Bailey on the other hand, sees this and absolutely has to have it and sees that and absolutely has to have that and oh, wait what about this? It is much like watching a dog chase his tail. I told him he has until Sunday evening to decide so that I can call Santa and place their order and after that he can't change his mind. As for now, he has settled on Beyblade but he still has until Sunday to change his mind.

I am thinking of making (yes, I said making) a few things for stocking stuffers as well- homemade play dough, muffin tin crayons and maybe a few felt cookies or doughnuts for Sophie's Anpanman bakery.

As for decorating the house, I am not sure how much I can actually do. Since they are doing a lot of renovations on the building we live in we aren't allowed to have anything on our balconies or the front hallway. That means that Sophie's tricycle and Bailey's bicycle are now residing in our tatami room. As well as the poles from the clothes line, the satellite, sand box toys and a box which we use to use for recycling (when they said bring in everything, they did mean everything even the screen doors!!) With all that going on until well in the new year, I am not quite sure where the tree will go. I had to rearrange a lot just to get the bikes in here, but I will figure something out.

So much to do, but so little time. So little time, but so much fun!

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Gina said...

Beyblades are cool, my boys have them too. They're very popular for boys in Japan right now. : )

They're still doing the renovations at your place? I bet you'll be glad when it's all over with. ; )

Have fun getting ready for Christmas and stuff. Have a good Sunday my friend. : )