Monday, November 16, 2009

Just Words

Lots of things have happened since my last post.

Bailey went to the elementary school for a health check (eyes, ears, teeth and the like). Bailey celebrated his sixth birthday twice (once with cousins, aunts and uncles and once with just the four of us). Hubs celebrated his birthday as well. And, the whole family went to Disneyland.

But, the camera is in the shop and might be there for up to two weeks, so there are no pictures to post. They are supposed to call us and give us an estimate and when they expect it to be ready but a week later and no phone call yet.

We are considering getting bunk beds for the kids. The main reason being that Hubs and I are tired of getting punched and kicked numerous times during the night. It leaves us all grouchy in the morning and that has gotta change. I hope that we can find a good, not too expensive set. I think we will try Ikea first and kinda go from there. We might even get the loft type of bed so that we could put Bailey's desk (if we decide to get him one- the PILs are insisting) underneath and later, Sophie's desk as well, but I am not sure that we will have room for that or not. We will have to do a little measuring and shopping around first.

Wishing I could have a lazy lay in front of the TV and do nothing kinda day today, but there is laundry to do and classes to teach so I better do it while I still have the energy.


illahee said...

sorry to hear about your camera. i have fingers crossed that it can be repaired quickly and at minimal cost!!

happy birthday to bailey and your husband!!

i am thinking of bunk beds, too, and found a reasonable three bunk bed, but only in a catalog. am a bit hesitant about buying it without touching, you know? sorry i have no advice, wishing you good luck in finding beds!

Sarah@mommyinjapan said...

Hi! About bunkbeds...

I ended up buying both of our bunkbeds at Nitori. They had the best prices and they seemed more solid than the Ikea ones. Also all the Ikea ones were metal and that just didn't go with what I wanted. All four of my girls love sleeping on their bunkbeds and I love the extra space I get!! Happy hunting!