Thursday, June 18, 2009

In Pieces Part One

*At the beginning of March, Sophie and I had colds that just wouldn't stop so we went to the doctor to get medicine. Before writing out my prescription, the doctor paused and asked me something he had never asked me before, "You aren't pregnant, are you?" I answered no, but a few days later when I still hadn't gotten my period, a little stick would prove me wrong. I stopped taking the cold medicine.

*This pregnancy was far from planned. We had kicked around the idea of another baby once Sophie was in pre-school, but never really settled one way or another. I told Hubs that I was pregnant on White Day (March 14th). We both admitted that we would like another girl and I went to bed that night, happy and dreaming of tiny socks and gummy baby smiles.

*This pregnancy would be my last, I decided. Three kids. A family of five. Just like my family. Just like Hub's family. I would slow down and really enjoy this pregnancy. Savor it. I wanted the baby to be named after my older sister who passed away a little over a year before. I wanted to honor her, to let her know that she would never be forgotten. I felt like it was all coming full circle.

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marianne said...

Just to say that this is so touching.Thank you for sharing something so personal.