Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Nothing Beats Free

Yesterday, we loaded up the kids and headed out to the local aquarium. Admission was free in honor of Midori no Hi (Green Day?) and so it was especially crowded. We waited in line for quite a while.
No day at the aquarium is complete without a photo of the kids posing as super heroes.

At the end of the day, tired but still able to muster up a little pose for the camera.

Finally, getting to ride the train around the park. I think we waited longer to get on the train than we did to get in the aquarium. Lots of waiting, but the kids were really good so it wasn't so bad.

All fished and trained out, we headed home under the koi no bori (carp steamers).


My Sister's Wearing WHAT???? said...

Trisha.... short pants, black socks, black shoes.... please come home so I can take you shopping!!!

Gina said...

That's true nothing beats free indeed! : )

I loved the kids super hero pose!!! Made me smile!!! : )