Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Harder They Fall

Sophie, earlier today with her temporary cast. Look at that talent, balancing on one foot.
Taken just after she got her permanent cast. Can't you tell that she just loves it?
On Tuesday, minutes before I was due at the bus stop I got a call from Sophie's teacher. Sophie had fallen off the slide and was complaining that her arm hurt and was crying. Her arm wasn't swollen or visibly broken and so they put ice on it and sent her home on the bus, recommending that I take her to the doctor as soon as possible.
One look at Sophie's face when the bus pulled up told me something was seriously wrong. A few phone calls later and I found a place nearby that could see her and my sister-in-law would go with us because I couldn't go into the x-ray room with Sophie.
After a long and tear filled wait they x-rayed her as best they could despite her protests and determined that she had broken her elbow. We got a permanent cast and pain medicine and were told to come back on Thursday for a follow up.
On Thursday, today, she got her permanent cast, more x-rays and more pain medicine. We have to go back on Saturday for another x-ray to be sure it is set right and then every week after that for a total of four weeks.
The doctor said the break shouldn't require surgery and that because she is so young it will heal faster than if she were older.
Sophie has adjusted pretty well to being one-handed and still insists on doing everything herself. Nights are the hardest. She can't roll over and her back gets tired, so there is a lot of crying and then mom or dad re-arranging until she gets uncomfortable again and it starts all over. But, all in all, she is being a real trooper.


Vicky said...

Ouch, ouch OUCH! Poor baby! I am sending lots of hugs and healing thoughts your way Sophie. You were VERY BRAVE.

Ame said...

ohhh ... poor thing!

can you color the cast? ;)

Lulu said...

Oh no, poor Sophie! That really sucks.

I hope she gets accustomed soon so that she is less uncomfortable...Heading into summer too, poor thing.

marianne said...

Poor little mite.That sounds so painful and what a brave girl she was.Hope she feels better soon.And isn't it remarkable how quickly children adapt.

illahee said...

oh no! poor baby girl! i hope she feels better.

...why couldn't you go in the x-ray room with sophie?

Helen said...

I hope she gets better soon. Poor wee girl!

Gina said...

Sweet sweet girl!!! I am sorry you broke your arm Sophie. It must have been so painful. But you sound like a little trooper though. Please get well soon sweetheart.