Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Flying Bullets

Halloween has come and gone and November is here already. Where does time go? Our days have been pretty busy with something special planned for the last and the next two or three weekends. In an attempt to catch up or keep track or not fall too behind, I will resort to the bulleted list.
*We took the kids to get their picture taken for Shichi-Go-San (7-5-3) and we should be getting the prints back later this week.
*My friend's husband is a teacher at the prefectural school for the deaf and a few weeks ago we attended the cultural day held at the school. We got there late because it took forever to finish the kids pictures but we did get to do a few things. I got to look around the handmade booths and the kids got to play a few games. We also got to see a mini concert that was put on by the students and teachers.
*We took Sophie to preschool for her pre-interview and we have to go back this Friday for the follow up interview and to get her fitted for her uniform. Sophie is beyond excited about preschool and asks everyday when we are going to buy her lunchbox and thermos.
*Bailey busted the butt out of his play pants at preschool today. It appears that he was a little over zealous during dance time.

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Lulu said...

I can`t beleive little Sophie will be off to Preschool- getting a bento and thermos are the most exciting parts of going to school though although I am sure getting her uniform will also be exciting for her. I remember starting school and I loved it!!!

Look forward to seeing Shichi-go-san pictures!

Have a good week & weekend!