Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sometimes It Works Out For The Best

Today all of the mothers from Bailey's class met with the teacher to touch base- find out what the kids are doing in preschool, deal with any concerns we might have and the like. I took Sophie with me and she cried almost the entire time. She thought that we had come to the preschool to play with Bailey and she couldn't figure out why in the world I was torturing her by making her stay in a room with a bunch of adults. (Usually there are one or two other people that bring their children, but this time it was just Sophie and a newborn.) The meeting started at 10:30 and I had hoped that it would be over by 11:30 at the latest, but it dragged on until almost 12:15.
I had hoped to prep dinner and work on another smock for Sophie but by the time we made it home after stopping off for a cheeseburger and to pick up some carrots for dinner it was a little after one. With Sophie down for a nap I prepped dinner and washed a few dishes and then headed to the bus stop to pick up Bailey. Bailey was a dear and kept himself entertained with a puzzle while I worked on the smock in the picture. I finished it, armholes and all, in about an hour.
This one turned out so much better. I took the advice of the salesperson at the fabric store and bought a lot of fabric from the clearance area so that I could practice. I have enough fabric to make a couple more- even one fabric with snowmen for a Christmas version. I will post pictures of how it turns out!


Gina said...

Your sewing has gotten so amazing! I can't believe how awesome you are at it! If I only had half of your sewing skill, I'd be a happy happy woman!!! That has got to be the snazziest smock I'd ever seen! : )

Lulu said...

The smock looks delightful!

I am just getting into sewing myself but am not very good so might need to email you for tips!

By the way, I mean to say I loved the kids haircuts! They look very spunky!

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! This is hand made? Beautiful, you'll have to show me a few things... lulu and gina, we will have to learn together.. I can not SEW AT ALL.

BTW I blog rolled you = )