Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Food and Clothing

See what Sophie is wearing? I made it. Forget the fact that it was supposed to be a dress and the fact that I totally neglected to finish the arm holes and all in all, not a bad first effort.
We got another delivery from the organic farmer. It is always a surprise what our box will contain, but this week we got green peppers, long, green onions, spinach, burdock root, sweet potatoes and taros. I always enjoy the challenge of figuring out what to make with what we get.
Dinner, or in this case, breakfast for dinner, is served. I found a recipe for hamburger gravy that had sage in it which made it taste a lot like sausage gravy. Hash browns and scrambled eggs rounded it out.

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Kim said...

Hi Trisha! Thanks for stopping by my blogs! That smock for Sophie is too cute! BTW, did you see my friend's recipe for homemade sausage on the food blog? It might be yummy in a gravy! I'm thinking of using it in stuffing for Christmas. Never made sausage stuffing, but...