Friday, September 12, 2008

An Experiment In Butter

I had some leftover whipping cream from when I made crepes for the kid's snack the other day and I had just finished up the last of the jar of mayonnaise, so I decided to try making my own butter yesterday. I was also motivated by the fact that I could use the buttermilk that separated from the butter for biscuits or pancakes.

Really clean jar- check. Really cold whipping cream- check. A little elbow grease and I was set. I shook the jar until my arms hurt and then rolled it back and forth on the floor with my feet. I opened it and found- whipped cream. I was tired so I just put it in the refrigerator and forgot about it until after the kids were in bed. Then I brought out the big guns- my hand mixer. It took a while but I finally got a butter like consistency and I put the butter in cheesecloth and squeezed out the buttermilk.

Today's delicious breakfast was worth all the work- buttermilk whole wheat pancakes with homemade butter and maple syrup.

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Kim said...

Yum, Trisha! It sounds so yummy. We used to make butter at home, sometimes, when I was a kid. We had a gallon jar with some kind of wooden paddles or something in the middle of it. I also remember my brother breaking said borrowed gallon jar. Ooops!

Glad you are back and able to blog again! I love your pics of those cute kids!