Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Too Hot To Cook

It is hot. I am trying not to use the air conditioner as much as we are trying to keep our electricity bill down. So, I usually do all of the cooking in the morning while it is still relatively cool. This, in turn, means a lot of "cold" meals like cold buckwheat noodles or tofu salad or tuna salad and I even have a cold pasta dish planned for later this week.

Since Bailey has been coming home at 12:00 he has been helping a lot with dinner preparations while Sophie takes a nap. His job yesterday was, of course, a salad. I keep cut up veggies in the fridge so it was just a matter of him choosing and dumping. I was washing dishes beside him while he made the salad keeping an eye on him- close but not too close. The salad turned out pretty well- lettuce, tomatoes, corn and tuna mixed with a little mayo- and he was so proud of himself. Maybe I should have him help out more often. It was almost like having my own, personal chef.

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