Friday, July 11, 2008

This Entry Brought To You. . . . .

courtesy of two kids playing happily, quietly, getting along in the the living room so I can sneak into the "Japanese" (tatami) room and peck away at the computer looking for a recipe for waffles that turned into oh this blog looks like fun, which turned into wonder what the latest gossip is and so on and so forth until the just a few minutes I promised myself has turned into almost an hour. (Good lord what a jumble, run on mess that was!!!)

Today was Bailey's parent teacher conference and it was nice to meet and chat with some of the other moms while we waited to be called back to the classrooms to talk to the teachers. The teacher basically said that she has seen a lot of positive changes in Bailey since he started back. She said he is cooperative, friendly, helps out the teacher as well as other classmates and she said his enthusiasm can't be beat. Wow, all good news!! As I was leaving the building, the principal even commented on it. She said, "Whatever you are doing keep doing it. We have seen so many positive changes in Bailey. he has really become a big boy!" Nice to hear, especially when for the last few days I feel like I am not being the best Mom I can be. My sister-in-law swears it is the heat!!

I am working on a plan for summer vacation. I am thinking of enrolling Bailey in a swimming summer school and maybe also a soccer club. I am just gathering information now and trying to work out the finances but I hope that I haven't left it until too late and all the spots are taken!

After spending a great day with one of Bailey's classmates yesterday- playing in the park, running through the water hose and the like- we are headed out tomorrow to meet another few friends at the park in the morning. Should be fun, if the weather cooperates!

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Lulu said...

I am like that with the internet too- one things lead to another then another then a new site and then oh look its 2am and there is so much stuff I should of done instead!!!

That is lovely what the teacher and principal said about Bailey! You should be very proud!!

Best of luck getting him enrolled in some sports for the summer! Has he done much swimming before? It is such a good thing for kids to be around water at a young age! I learnt young and it was a good thing I think!

Hoe the weather stays nice for you!