Thursday, December 20, 2007

There's A Bird Butt In The Fridge

How do you know when Christmas time is drawing near? When you wake up one morning and find a bird butt in your fridge, of course!!

We will be celebrating Christmas here a little early because Hubs has to work on the actual day, so today I went shopping for Christmas dinner, which will most likely end up being Christmas lunch bleeding over into Christmas dinner. (Would it surprise any of you to know that I purchased five different kinds of cheese today?!?!?) And that is where the bird butt comes in.

The bird was in the fridge to defrost when Bailey went to get some juice this afternoon.

"What's this Mommy?" he asked.

"It's for Christmas dinner. It's a turkey."

"What's turkey?" he asked wrinkling his nose.

"It's a bird, like chicken."

"Grooooosssssss, there is a bird butt in the fridge!!" Bailey said quickly shutting the door.

Now, if only I can figure out the best wake to bake that bird butt. And, not a word if it is dry- it's my first time making turkey.


Gina said...

You turkey most certainly will not be dry! Wink! : ) Do, I have faith in you or what? Ha ha ha! Your turkey will be great. And taste amazing and fantastic! You will be baking the best turkey ever! Moist and juicy all the way!

Let me remember how I used to make mine in the convection oven. Aha, yes!!! Only thing you gotta watch out for, is the tops of the birds sometimes get a bit of a burnt look if you are not careful. But it can be *easily* avoided. Just cook as normal Trisha. But keep an eye on that top of the turkey, you know the breast area and top part. If it starts to be browning more then the rest, then just put some tin foil over that part to prevent it from getting too dark. That's it, my dear! And of course you would cover the whole thing in tin foil to begin with, but I mean when it's done and you take the tin foil off, sometimes that part seems to get darker then the rest quicker. That is why once that area would get the color, I liked, I would slap some tin foil right on that part to prevent it from getting any darker. That's the only tip I can think of right now. If I remember anymore I will come back and post them for ya. Your turkey is gonna be delicious! And think of the turkey sandwiches afterwards Trisha!!! Oh my gosh! Yumm! : )

Okay, I better run, Branden has practice right now, for performance #3, ha ha ha. So I better go. But like I said, if I think of anything else I will come back, if I get the time. See ya later alligator! : )

Gina said...

Okay just came back to clarify a bit. To see if it makes sense what I wrote before. After the turkey is basically 100% cooked all the way through. And you know when most people take the tin foil off to let it start getting brown? That's usually when I find the bird would get overly dark on top. And I have had girlfriends in Japan where that part would actually blacken for them. And we'd all sit around having coffee sharing turkey and chicken battle stories, bitching about the darn bird in our convection ovens and having a laugh, about the over dark parts on top. That's what I meant. But it can be avoided I found out. Just make sure, when you take the foil off and start browning. That's when you gotta watch that top part.Watch it good now. Ha ha ha. Make sure that part don't get too overly dark looking. Just keep an eye on that part, is all. And if it looks like that part is getting darker then the rest. Then just slap some tin foil back on that part. Phew. I hope that helps some! But your turkey is gonna be fantastic!!! Better then fantastic! : )

Okay now I am offically late, practice starts at 11:30 for B and now I gotta drive like a wild maniac! Ha ha ha. Anyways I just wanted to help ya a bit more! I better motor!!! : )