Thursday, December 20, 2007

Peek-A-Boo Here Are Some Pics For You!

The last few weeks have been a blur. I feel like I am constantly on the move from the time the kid's wake me up in the morning until I finally crawl into bed at night. One of the things that has kept us so busy are end of the year parties. This is a pic from one we went to last Saturday with some of Hub's friends. Everyone brought their wives and kids and here is Bailey belting out yet another kid's song. He hardly let go of the microphone all night. We left around 10:00 because the kids, although well- behaved were rubbing their eyes and Sophie was starting to hand out shoes in an attempt to get people to go home.
A little dress rehearsal, if you will. This is Sophie's Christmas outfit for this year. Everything is new, so I wanted to be sure it fit all right. (Notice the price tag still hanging off her shoe?) I am glad I did it too because the shoes were a little on the small side and with every step she took she said, "OW!"
Watching the morning kids shows. Hubs has been trying so hard to get a good shot of the kids for our New Year's cards. Hmm, let's just say, he is still trying.
And this, this is what I saved up for about six months for. Yeah!! Now I can bake cookies and make things like enchiladas, oven roasted potatoes and fresh, homemade pizza. Oh yeah, and bird butt for Christmas, too!!


Gina said...

Congratulations on your new oven Trisha! It's gorgeous!!! Having an oven really gives a mommy a lot more choices in what she can cook.
When I first came to Japan and saw my MIL's house, it was newly reformed, and nice but I was shocked to see she had no oven. They don't need one. Okay i thought. And then house after house, I realized yes they really don't use ovens too much in Japan do they? However Noboru's 1 aunt had one though, a huge one. When we moved to Japan, when B was nearly 1. We rented a house, and the first purchase we made was a convection oven. That was the biggest helper and life saver for me. I loved it and used it. I still have it. But I don't really use it anymore, but they really are a real god send! I am just so happy for you Trisha, I really, really am! Right on momma for your new oven! And a mighty fine oven it looks! : )

Sara said...

Ohhhhhh I'm having oven envy.
When Ryohei and I move into our new apartment... (not anytime soon) one of the first things I am going to be saving for is an oven!! My grandma and mom have sent me all of these instant cookie mixes and I have nothing to do with them except eat the batter.. which isn't bad but..

I love Sophies dress!! How cute!!! Hopefully you'll get a good new years pic of the kids!! Put it up if you do!!

Have fun with your new toy!!!