Thursday, November 01, 2007


Sophie's favorite new word is paper. She sneezes, she asks for paper to wipe her nose. She wants to draw a picture she asks for paper. I never knew paper had so many meanings- it means letters from the mailbox and the plastic bags they give you to put your groceries in and today walking hand in hand to daycare, she paused to pick up a big, crunchy fallen leaf and pronounced it, too, paper.

Bailey, although he has been able to say the word for quite some time now, has developed a new fascination with paper in the form of that great Japanese pastime- origami. Everyday when he gets off the bus, he runs to me holding the creation of the day. There are swords (useful for protecting yourself from the ninjas that seem to have taken control of the playground), ninja stars, telescopes, cranes and countless other creations in recycled paper (usually ads from the newspaper). I am sure that you can imagine what our living room floor looks like. Hubs jokes that we should leave it like that and tell everyone we have started decorating for Christmas a little early.

I was tagged by Illahee for a meme about seven of our favorite children's books. In no particular order:
1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar
2. Good Night Moon
3. Where The Wild Things Are
4. Charlotte's Web
5. The Little House on the Prairie Series
6. The Ramona Quimby Series
7. Guess How Much I Love You?

Some of you may already have done this one, so I won't be tagging anyone, but feel free to leave your favorites in the comments. As for me, I am off to clean the living room floor- it is a little too early to start decorating for Christmas.

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