Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sometimes. . . . .

Sometimes I close my ears and pretend I don't hear them fighting over that toy for the 83rd time today.

Sometimes I fall asleep during the bedtime story.

Sometimes I throw the kids in a bathtub full of bubbles and call them clean.

Sometimes I pretend I don't understand Japanese.

Sometimes I order pizza after the kids are in bed.

Sometimes I take the batteries out of toys because I can't stand it anymore.

Sometimes I waste a whole day at Starbucks just reading and people watching.

Sometimes I save the last piece of chocolate for me.

Sometimes I stay up too late window shopping on the Internet.

Sometimes I say the DVD player is taking a nap so I don't have to watch Thomas yet another time.

Sometimes I use that exact same Thomas DVD so I can enjoy a few minutes of silence, or take a nap.

Sometimes I encourage Bailey to use his sleeve as a tissue.

Sometimes I serve spaghetti and white rice for dinner.

Sometimes I laugh when I really shouldn't.

Feel free to add on in the comments section.


Fiona said...

Sometimes I pretend I'm not home when the doorbell rings.

aMandy said...

Know how I know you're gay...

Lulu said...

Sometimes I pretend I don`t understand Japanese too...

Sometimes I buy a salad from a store and pass it off as my own creation for dinner ( I think the bf knows though since he takes out the trash!)

Sometimes I don`t pay my bills and get second and third notices before I bother to go the the conbini 50 metres away and pay them

Alison said...

Sometimes I tell my son to go watch Tv in the mornings so I can get 5 minutes more of sleep

Sometimes I tell him no so I don't have to get the toy he wants from a high spot

Sometimes I feel horrible that I have to do that but if I don't I might lose my mind.

chelle said...

this rocks

sometimes I let them watch more tv so I can read blogs

sometimes I yell and I cannot stop I hate it

Heidi said...

Sometimes, after work, I go to Starbucks instead of home, to get some self-time.

coarse gold girl said...

Sometimes I pick up a piece of dropped food, blow on it briefly and pronounce it "fit for consumption".

Sometimes I shriek in horror when one of my children picks up food that has fallen on the floor and eats it.

Sometimes I find myself hiding in the kitchen licking my plate.

Sometimes I sternly admonish my children for licking their plates.

Sometimes I go in the ofuro and turn off all the lights and hide.

Sometimes I put in earplugs when I just can't take the NOISE of sibling bickering any longer.

Terri Vu Deterding said...

Sometimes I give in and give the kiddos lollipops, so there's peace and quiet.
Sometimes I make my husb 'go shopping' with one, so I will only have one at home.

Sarah said...

Sometimes I don't say something I was thinking to say because it sounds like something my mother would say.

Sometimes I say it anyways and then giggle afterwards while my kids stare at me like I'm an idiot.

Sometimes I forget the word I want to use when I'm speaking in English.

Sometimes I just want to drop what I'm doing, head to the airport and go home.

This was fun!

Gina said...

Sometimes I don't answer the door, when I am *really* home.

Sometimes, my littlest son blows my cover.

Sometimes I answer the door, after said cover has been blown.

Sometimes I answer it and if the person is a salesperson, I....

Sometimes, totally lie (shame, shame on me) and just say...."gomen nasai ne, wakaranai" (sp?), they see my western face and believe me.

Sometimes I feel badly about it, but honestly most of the time, I don't.

coarse gold girl said...

Sometimes I pretend that I am not home when the door bell rings too!

Sometimes my youngest daughter blows my cover too!

Sometimes I screen my calls when I think it might be my MIL (Again).

Sometimes my youngest daughter blows my cover there by enthusiastically answering the phone too!