Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ty Who?

This morning with a still half asleep but too awake to go back to sleep Sophie in my arms I quietly closed the bedroom door and headed to the living room. I paused in front of the curtains that covered the sliding glass door. Sophie raised her head and moved to open the curtains with her chubby, little arm. I moved one small step back. I knew what was coming, she didn't.

You could hear the wind whistling outside and it was all over the news last night. 100% chance of rain. High winds. And of course, it is that season, so it is to be expected.

I put Sophie down on the sofa and opened the curtains a fraction of an inch. Braver still, I opened the lace curtain and pressed my nose up against the cold glass. Windy, but where was the rain? Wasn't this supposed to be "one powerful storm"?

I laughed and opened the curtains all the way. Sunshine streamed in and Sophie covered her head with her blankie.

Now, it almost time to go pick up Bailey from the bus stop and still not even a little sprinkle.

Knock, knock.
Whose there?
Typhooooooooonnnn. (this is the part where you blow in someones face thereby simulating the wind and rain (if you happen to spit).

Here in Chiba, at least, we are still waiting for the typhoooooooonnnnnnnn.

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