Friday, September 07, 2007

Holding Down The Fort, Literally

The typhoon finally did arrive and it was everything they said it was going to be loud, strong winds and heavy downpours. Bad enough that they called off preschool. The call came at 6:30 this morning, unfortunately, after I had already made Bailey's lunch and filled his thermos with barley tea. But with a flick of the wrist lunch became dinner and Bailey and Sophie shared the thermos (and by shared, I mean spilled it all over each other) of tea while they watched the morning kid's shows.

Maybe it was the weather, maybe it was the unexpected day off from preschool, maybe it was Memphis (not sure about that one? Go ask Pam Tillis.) but normal was completely thrown out the window here today.

But, little patches of sunshine happened to peek throw every once in a while.

Bailey and Sophie sitting on the sofa looking at a picture album.
B: Look, there's Daddy.
B: That's my Daddy.
S: No, no, no. MY DADADADADA
B: No, my Daddy.
S: (erupting into tears) No, no, no. MY DADA MY DADA.

Playing restaurant with Bailey.
B: What do you want?
M: Hmmm, a chicken sandwich and a large order of fries.
B: Wanna drink?
M: Iced cafe au lait, please.
B: Ok. Chicken, fry fries and ice cafe alright. Just wait a four (few) minutes.

So, don't worry about us, despite the typhoon we are doing alright or is it au lait?!?!?

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