Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ramble Weed

Disjointed, and in no particular order for your reading enjoyment.

*The hat that I had to make (make is the wrong word here. I didn't actually make the hat, I just cut out some animals from felt and sewed them to the hat. So is embellished more appropriate???) for field day is finished and Bailey proudly reported that he is practicing wearing it everyday while they practice sprinting and dancing in preparation for the big day.

*I went to preschool a week ago to observe Bailey's class. They gave us a field day sneak peek. The kids, all in their respective classses marched out on to the field to the song "Centerfold" (nanananananananana, remember that one form the '80's?) At a Catholic pre-school nonetheless.

*Sophie is off and running in the language department. Unfortunately her favorite word seems to be nononononononNO!!! Today she started shoveling spoons of rice into her water cup, so I knew she was full. "Are you finished, Sophie?" I asked. "Yup!" she replied. That's one word I hope I hear more of.

*Anybody in need of or know somebody who is in need of baby clothes? Both boy and girl in a range of sizes. You want 'em? You can have 'em!!

*Any ideas on how to pry open my closet doors? They are the double door kind that slide and fold open (the real, honest-to-goodness name escapes me just now). The other day I was running behind so instead of putting my clothes in the drawers and then shutting the closet. I just threw everything in and pushed the doors shut. That set off an avalanche and now all I can see is one red shirt peeking out at me. Ironic how it looks like a tongue sticking out at me, mocking me whenever I walk by.

*I was in the States when the last Harry Potter book came out and I rushed out to buy it. Two months later I am only halfway through. The reason behind this could be two-fold. I seem only to be able to catch a page or two here or there when I go to the bathroom (a little Potter in the potty) and that book is so darn heavy my arms usually give out before I get tired of reading.

That said, I am off to read a little before I turn in.


chelle said...

hehe a little Potter in the potty!

Mike said...

My 2-year old says no a lot, too. But he nods his head when he says it.


Overwhelmed! said...

Hi Trisha!

Since you participated last year, I’m stopping by to let you know that I’m hosting a 2nd Edition of my Holiday Cooking, Blogger Style recipe exchange!

I hope you can join me again this year on 5 October. And, would you mind helping me to spread the word by publishing a post about my holiday recipe exchange before next Friday? I’d sure appreciate it! I have the button in my most recent post.

Thanks so much!

Oh, and I finished the Harry Potter book within 24 hours of receiving it by mail. When you're done, email me so we can discuss it! :)