Sunday, September 30, 2007

Rain, Rain Go Away

I keep Hershey's Kisses in the freezer for emergencies. I just had to go get two and press the sweet coolness to my eyes. Can you say stress headache???

Saturday was supposed to be Bailey's field day at pre-school, so I spent most of last week getting ready- buying foods for the picnic lunch, planning the menu, inviting people, making sure his outdoor shoes were clean and ready to go, re-gluing the lion onto his hat (seems he thought it was just a big sticker and he could pull it off if he tried hard enough) and the like. I even made lists. Not one, but three separate lists so that I was sure I wasn't forgetting anything. I was feeling pretty confident, like I really knew what I was doing, like I really had a grip on things this time.

But, what is the one thing you can't control? Oh yeah, that's right, the weather. Saturday- a lite but steady rain. Sunday- a heavy, steady rain. The forecast for tomorrow- rain, rain, rain. We are supposed to get a call from the school tomorrow morning around six (like we have for the last two days) telling us what Monday's schedule will be. Monday was supposed to be a school holiday it return for having the kids participate in a school activity during the weekend, but since there was no field day due to the weather I am guessing that there will be regular classes tomorrow.

Uggghhhhh, I hate not knowing what is going on, what to expect; but what I hate even more than that is that the kids worked so hard practicing everyday and if they end up having the field day on a weekday so many parents (particularly fathers) won't get to see their children in action.

I, for one, have watched Bailey, spin around the living room every morning practicing the dance that his class will do. And, then, again every evening as I make dinner he practices sprinting across the living room. He was so looking forward to showing Daddy what he could do. Now, who knows....

Did I mention that I really hate not knowing what is going on????

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chelle said...

I can totally relate! I totally hate not being in the know and getting what to expect. Weather is a tough one though. Hope the rain clears up maybe for next Saturday?!?!