Friday, May 11, 2007

Random Stories, Random Pictures

On Children's Day (May 5) we went to the local zoo and Bailey fell in love with the farm animal part of the zoo. Usually, you can go in and feed them, but since there were so many people that day, he had to settle for just watching them. He watched these sheep, goats and a pig while I waited in line for about twenty minutes to change Sophie's diaper and wanted to stay longer!
I told Bailey to do a model pose and this is what I got- a little tin solider-ish, if you ask me. I took Bailey for his mass check up for three year olds on Tuesday and they recommended that I take him to see the dentist because he has some plaque buildup on his back teeth. Other than that, he got a good bill of health. He came in at 104 cm tall and about 19 kg in weight. All the people laughed and called him American size!
Sophie, who now prefers walking to eating, enjoying lunch at the zoo. She is eating a taco-san wiener (a sausage cut to resemble the shape of an octopus, a popular lunch box treat here in Japan) and those are the legs sticking out of her mouth. A little like a walrus, don't you think?
As I mentioned before, we went to the zoo on Children's day and in this picture you can see the koinobori (Carp steamers) that a re decorations for this holiday. The reasoning behind this is that carp have to be strong to swim upstream and so parents want their children to be strong like the carp. We have a much smaller version that we display at home.


Gina said...

Hey Trisha, I spotted you in the last picture. : )

And your day looked absolutely fab, you guys! : )

*~chelle~* said...

awww such beautiful pictures, glad you had a nice day at the zoo!