Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Enough To Make You Sweat

It is only 9:00am and already it is hot. The kind of hot where you wake up sweating and just keep on sweating. Hot enough to warrant the summer version of Bailey's pre-school uniform or so I thought.

The bus pulls up and even before the doors open to let the kids on, the teacher is gesturing with gusto and looking forlorn. As the doors open, she meets my eyes and says, "No summer uniform until you get the letter saying that it is okay. Everybody must wear the same uniform at all times."

Strike one (thousand three hundred and three).


coarse gold girl said...

Aargh! And they get so excited by it too. . . OH NO! SHORT SLEEVES? Up here I put DD#2 in winter clothing when it got cold, "WHAAAA? BUT IT IS NOT WINTER UNIFORM TIME YET! WHERE ARE HER SHORT PANTS?"

It is one of those irritating things here. When I worked at University it was so funny to watch girls sweat it out when the fall fashions came out in Osaka but it was still way too hot for them. They'd be wearing thigh high leather boots, sweaters with a down stuffed vest on top--sweating buckets because it was still really hot out!

Oh--and the picture of your little girl, hands on hips, is adorable! Cutest pic of her yet!

*~chelle~* said...

ugh! That must be tough on the kids!

Sarah said...

I did the almost the exact same thing with Misaki. She didn't have to take her PE uniform to school until the last week of April and it had been pretty warm so I sent her short-sleeve shirt instead of the long-sleeve shirt. When she came home she told me she was the ONLY ONE wearing a short-sleeve shirt. But it was hot so I didn't care. The next day (I sent her long-sleeve shirt) she said that four other kids we wearing short-sleeve shirts. I cannot keep up with what's going on!

The one positive thing is that Misaki actually came home and told me something about her day without prompting from me. She may just be growing up!

On the subject of fashion styles I don't get in Japan, why is that in the winter, when it's freezing, do women wear boots with short skirts and in the summer they cover up all their skin from the sun even though it's very hot. I don't get this at all.

Kristen said...

Well, now....that doesn't seem quite fair. Do they expect the kids to sweat to death?? I think if I were you I would have done the same thing. Seems perfectly logical that if it's sweltering out, the kid should be able to wear summer clothes. Good grief.