Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Twist And Shout

All wrapped up like a burrito...
Busting out and busting a move.


coarse gold girl said...

A blogging question for you:

Under your links section you have creative commons attribution. Was it difficult to get this on your blog page? Does it copyright your blog entries? It protects images and videos from being used else where on the web right? How about what you've written?

Loved the conversation you had with your son the other day, "that doesn't make egg sense." My youngest is currently bent on misusing "either". as in, "I want to have icecream either."

Also--very cute pictures and videos--viewing your blog always puts a smile on my face!

tAnYeTTa said...

Bailey's cuteness is off the charts :)

coarse gold girl said...

Okay. So I just clicked on the Creative Commons link on your blog page and figured it out myself (sometimes it really is just as simple as following the directions!)

Just wanted to save you the trouble of telling me, "click on the link. Follow the directions."

Cheers! CGC!

Trisha said...

Glad that you figured out how to do it and thanks for your nice comments about the blog!

Vicky said...

Cute! I love that we spend all this money on expensive and "educational" toys, and what do they get hours of fun from? Blankets, the furniture, empty cardboard boxes, pots and pans!