Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Fun For The Sick

Laughter, they say, is the best medicine and seeing as how we could all use a healthy, heaping dose, I present fun for the sick....

1. Snotty-tissue trash can toss (try to keep Sophie from eating the ones that don't make it in)
2. Creative Medicine Giving (the winner? Hidden in the white stuff in the middle of an oreo)
3. How many loads will it be? (a fun way to pass the time with laundry stains from both ends!!)
4. Whaddaya mean there is no more apple juice temper tantrum. Followed by..
5. Dashing to the store for more soup, crackers, tissues, cough drops and apple juice
And the best for last:
6. Falling asleep all cuddled up on the living room floor in an island of pillows and blankets for three solid hours- all three of us!!


Tigermama said...

LOL. You must be feeling better if you are able to make jokes. Yay!

Have fun with the yochien stuff. When my dd started yochien, my dh was away for 2 months so I had to figure it all out on my own too. I sent Tigergirl to school with no oshibori for a couple of weeks before somebody told me she needed it. Oops!

Ame said...

SO sorry you are all so sick!!!!!

ugh - i understand the laundry ;)

Amy said...

Oh girl. We were there for two weeks just a few weeks ago. My hubby was out of town and in desperation I went and bought a PlayStation. I know it sounds nuts, but I was desperate for something to keep the healthy ones happy inside while I took care of the sick ones. When my flu test came back + I just started to laugh. I'm sure the MD thought I needed to be committed but honestly I was thinking "This is so bad it's funny!" I'm taking the kids to Walmart for the first time in weeks today.