Monday, March 05, 2007

All Non-Labeled Items Will Be Conficated At The Door

Today, on top of finding out that both the kids and I have influenza, we got a bill from pre-school as well as a list of things that Bailey will need. (Lord-a-mercy Gina, you were not kidding I have to put his name on everything right down to each and every last crayon in the box!!!)

The entrance ceremony will be on April 10 and for about a week thereafter they will have morning only pre-school to help the kids ease into going full time. For that week, they will come home about two hours earlier than normal and won't eat lunch at school.

The school uses the Montessori Method and I am excited to see how it works.

In a totally unrelated turn, once I found out we all did in fact have influenza, I started to feel worse. My body started to get achy and my throat started getting scratchy. Up until that moment when the doctor said that horrible, little word I thought this thing we were dealing with was just a little cold and my body acted accordingly. Now that the truth is out, all I want to do is lay in a quiet, dark, cool room and sleep. But, alas, I cannot. With all the stuff I have to label for pre-school, there is no rest in sight.


Ame said...

i am SOOO sorry you all have the flu! the only consolation is that you all three get it over at the same time and it's not dragged on for weeks and weeks ;(

ugh. yes, everything labled. (silver permanent markers work great are dark clothing or items; black will work for the rest)

Kristen said...

Oh, yuck! And double yuck! The flu is the worst. And what's even wors"er" is not being able to just lay and moan and groan.

Exactly what is the purpose for having to label all the crayons? Good grief. Hope you can get some good rest.

Trisha said...

Thanks for all your good wishes. We are on the mend and thanks to the influenza meds from the doctor, we might be able to resume a regular lifestyle by Thursday. And, Kristen, about the crayons, I guess they do it in the hopes that it will reduce squabbles between the kids. I think this momma is gonna print labels from the computer!