Friday, February 09, 2007

What Are You Getting Yourself Into?!?!?!?

From next week, our Tuesdays and Thursdays are going to be hectic to say the least. I have decided to do some volunteer work (teaching English) in Tokyo from 9:30 to 12:30. Hopefully, this is how it will all go down:

5:30 Try to untangle myself from the mountain of blankets that Bailey has to have in bed with us to sleep. Try not to kick the baby bed where Sophie is sleeping and pray to God that I don't hit that squeaky spot on the floor.

5:40 Hot water in the face for Mommy, I mean, a shower for Mommy

5:55 Make a breakfast lunch box for Bailey to eat at day care. A breakfast lunch box? Hmm, should that be a breakfast box???

6:05 Escort a still sleepy Bailey to the bathroom and encourage him to pee in the potty not on the wall or on Daddy's favorite bathroom reading selections.

6:15 Pump Bailey, I mean Mommy, full of coffee and a few peanut butter graham crackers if Mommy isn't busy cleaning pee off the bathroom wall.

6:25 Sophie up and Bailey is doing the getting dressed run around the living room- I swear he is like a dog chasing his tail, trying to put his arm into his shirt.

6:35 Leaky diaper change that will probably require a sock change as well. Somebody please tell me how she manages to get her socks wet too!!

6:45 Breakfast for Sophie while Bailey fills his day care bag with assorted receipts and tissues

7:10 Into coats, check that everybody has bags, cleans noses and clean diapers/ underwear

7:12 Back out of his coat, so Bailey can pee before we leave

7:14 Into shoes, Sophie into stroller and Mommy realizes she forgot her bag.

7:20 On the road, finally, after stopping to watch a garbage truck crush a box or seven

7:30 Running out of time, running out of time

7:31 Kisses and good byes and Mommy dashes out the day care door.

7:32 Join The Great Morning Rush To The Train Station

7:33 Enough of that running, settle for a brisk walk

7:40 I think I can, I think I can.......

7:43 Line up to wait for the train. How in the world are we all going to fit????

7:48 Cramped, hot, barely breathing in this sardine can they call a train, but at least I have my MP3 player......

Now, let's just see if I can pull it off this Tuesday. Any ideas for a breakfast box would be appreciated too


Sarah said...

Hi Trish! I totally know about busy mornings although I don't get up nearly as early as you do. I am not a morning person so anything before 7 would probably kill me.

You asked about my kids so here goes. Emi turned 6 in December and she'll be going to elementary school from April. Misaki will be 5 on Feb 14 (I read that was when Sophie was due!). Sakura is 2 and she's a handful. Natsuki is almost 6 months old (on the 18th). We're a pretty busy family and almost everything in our house that belongs to the girls is pink. Pink, pink, pink everywhere!

Ame said...

oh, my! it is SO hard to get little ones out the door! so much to gather and carry and not forget.

here we do a lot of cheese tortillas, but i wouldn't think you have those there ;)

Mike said...

Love your 7:40 ... I think I can, I think I can.

Have fun with English language.


Kristen said...

Good Grief. That's all I can say. Getting my kids out the door to take my oldest to school by 8:20 is a huge hassle for me. And I don't even really have to get the girls dressed if I don't want cuz we're just going back home. I admire that you can do all that...and then ride the train.