Sunday, February 11, 2007

Choki Choki (Snip Snip)

Bailey mid-cut and still holding on tight!
After his cut and shampoo. Somehow, we forgot to get an after picture of Bailey but the stylist used wax so it pretty much looked like this after she styled it.
I think we can all agree something had to be done with Sophie's Kramer-like hair. If she wasn't fussing cause it was making her eyes itchy, she was pulling out her hair bows or getting all kinds of food in it.
Almost done. Look at thise cute little baby feet!!
Feeling better after a good cut and shampoo.
The after, looking so much like Bailey. (I know, I know she looks like a boy, but wait until I fix her up with a jazzy, girly hair pin!!) And, no, Amanda she didn't have to pay for it herself!!


Vicky said...

Lovely! And how wonderful that you actually have hair to cut at one year old! (Happy Birthday, too, Sophie!) Both my boys were eggheads and didn't have their first haircuts until they were nearly three years old. Lucky they were boys, is all I can say. They still have very fine hamster-hair, unfortunately inherited from me.

Your two look great with their new styles, and yes, very, very VERY alike!

Amy said...

What a great place to get haircuts. Your baby looks to cute. I took Anna last week and they gave her a bob/bowl cut. Even my hubby was like "Ekkk . . . ". Oh well. No such thing as a permanent haircut.
Get the book. You will love it!

Kentucky Gal said...

What a cute way to keep them occupied while they did the work!!
Yep, time for a bow for Sophie!!

coarse gold girl said...

My four year old daughter just snuck up on the computer and pointed to the last picture of Sophie and said, "She's soooooo cute!" so, she definitely still is obviously a little girl--at least to another little girl! She looks like she was really good at the hair salon! Bailey too! You children really are adorable! Oh and my four year old would like an outfit just like Sophie's--when I told her it was toys she was even MORE impressed.

Mike said...

I showed my 3-year old your pictures. "Look Daddy," he said. "It's like your hair when you wake up in the morning. Fancy."



Kristen said...

Oh your kids are just too cute! I wanna eat them up! Especially those chunky Sophie cheeks!!

They look fabulous!

Pamela said...

Oh Trisha, they are growing so fast! They look so cute! What an incredible salon with the cute little vehicles for them to sick in while they get styled! :)