Monday, November 13, 2006

Welcome Home, Honey!!

It is cold.

Since Hubs has been gone, I have been using both his blankets and my blankets (trust me, separate blankets work so much better for us) to keep warm. I even woke up this morning with one of Sophie's old receiving blankets draped around my neck like a scarf.

For some strange reason, known only to the makers of Hershey chocolate syrup and my weakness for chocolate, I just had a bowl of ice cream topped with almonds and chocolate syrup. Now I am even colder.

Good thing Hubs will be home tonight. That gives me someone to put my ice cold feet on.


Ame said...

nothin like that wonderful foot warmer comin home, is there ;)

tops-y said...

Try a warm sauce on your icecream. Melt some butter in the microwave then mix in some brown sugar, heating until dissolved. Then mix in some runny cream and you have an easy butterscotch sauce - great with icecream!

chelle said...

hehehe totally have to have ice cream when I am cold!! And need a hubby to keep warm. Glad yours will be home tonight!

Sue said...

It's finally feeling cool here. We have a nice fire and a warm comforter on the bed. Guess all I need now is some hot fudge and almonds. YUM!!