Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Time Passes By

I am resisting the urge to text message Hubs to ask him when he will be home.

I saw him for a few hurried minutes this morning (I was asleep when he got home last night) and he will be leaving tomorrow on business and won't be back until Monday.

I just want to touch base with him before he goes. I just want it all to slow down for a while.


Amy said...

No joke. I feel like we are always running no matter what we do! I really miss my hubby. He worked all weekend and between work and a meeting last night he was gone from 7A-8:30-P. I miss him and so do the kids. :(
I'm sending out your box this week! :)

Pamela said...

This is the story of my life. lol It is so much easier the older you get. One of my secrets is if he says he will be home at 5 tell yourself 6.

Also wanted to mention what a cute picture that is of the kids together!

Ame said...

my ex traveled a lot - that was always hard - especially on the kids. i know you really miss him.