Tuesday, November 07, 2006


These two were inseparable today. Sophie wanted to be where Bailey was and Bailey wanted to be where Sophie was- at all times. They played together, watched a children's show together, ate breakfast together and when we walked Bailey to school instead of holding my hand, he wanted to hold Sophie's as she sat in the stroller.

Tonight, after their baths, Sophie was so fussy and kept pushing away her bottle and crying. I thought that she must of been full from dinner and so I put her in the crib. I hadn't even closed the door yet when she started crying.

I felt Bailey tug on my shirt, "Sophie said her stomach hurts."

"What should we do?" I asked him.

"Like this," he said rubbing circles on his tummy.

Thinking I could at least give it a try, I opened the bedroom door and reached between the crib rails to rub Sophie's stomach. She burped and passed gas (gosh, that was hard deciding what to write there- I went from pooted to farted to broke wind and back again!!) and then drank the whole bottle and went right to sleep without any fuss.

Next time I am not sure what to do, I will just ask Bailey.


Tammy said...

brothers and sisters always have a special bond...

Pamela said...

Trishia, wow, they really are in tune with each other! Nice when they have a special bond like that...it will last a lifetime! Gee, I think I know a few parents who would love to borrow Bailey for a little advice. hehe!

Ame said...

that is so sweet! my girls are really close, too. often they hear the other speak before i do. they have always had their own rooms, and just recently they decided to share a room - and they're loving it :) such a gift!

Ame said...

btw - "toot" is the word of choice around here! and when they're really bad, it's "shooey tooty!" hehehehehe

Overwhelmed! said...

Ah, hearing how close Bailey and Sophie are just warms my heart! I really hoped we're blessed with the adoption of a second child. I really want this for Snuggle Bug!