Friday, November 17, 2006

Pay Forward

In the world there are some really nice people.

Take, for example, the man that helped me carry the stroller with Sophie in it down a flight of stairs. (The train station didn't have an elevator.)

Then there was the little girl sitting beside us at lunch who entertained Sophie so that I could actually, kinda, sorta eat at a normal pace instead of just shoveling it in.

The sales clerk who offered to put all of my smaller bags into a bigger bag even though I didn't buy anything from her store.

The guy at Starbucks who who switched tables with me so that I could have more room for the stroller.

The old lady who held the elevator for us.

That stuffy-looking business man who made funny faces at Sophie when he thought no one was looking.

Go out. Look for the good in people. You'll be surprised at the random acts of kindness. But, best of all is passing it on to another person.


Vicky said...

Hi! I'm back from my week of work - my blogging goes in waves!

I think that in general people in Japan are very kind and I'm always warmed by small acts of courtesy throughout the day, particularly towards children.

It makes it that much more of a shock to go back to England on holiday and have to deal with rude and indifferent people.

The group mentality thing here drives me bonkers in some ways, but in other ways, the general atmosphere of good will, or failing that simple neutrality, is refreshing and I hope it lasts a good long time and doesn't degenerate like society seems to have done in the UK over the past 15 years.

Sue said...

Great post Trisha!
Don't you find it improves your whole outlook when you look for the good in people and then try to pass that good along?
I know that's the way I feel!

Ame said...

excellent :) absolutely love it :)

Michelle said...

yeah, I still carry with me fondly the memories of times I was able to pass forward a kindess. I've recieved so many!