Saturday, November 18, 2006

I Don't Give A Squat (Unless I Really Have To)

Usually, I don't mind. Really, I don't. Japanese toilets are good for a quick in and out. You get in, you get done and then you get out. Today, however I wanted to stay a little longer (if you know what I mean) but fate conspired against me.

The store was crowded. No surprise there it was after all Saturday and the time of year people start thinking about Christmas gifts. I tried the bathroom on the first floor, the line was not so long and moving rather quickly, so I decided to wait.

Four western-style toilets and one Japanese-style toilet. And the westerner gets- a squatter.

Quick in and quick out to find another restroom.

The second floor was much the same, except there were five western- style toilets and one Japanese-style. Taking my chances, I rolled the dice and got, you guessed it, another Japanese-style one.

Then it was the third floor and it was now or never. Five western-style toilets, one Japanese toilet.

I opened the stall door and ole squatty smiled back at me.

Squatty one, Trisha zero. Oh, but I will be back...... just as soon as I get this cramp out of my foot!!


Ame said...

i ... uh ... uhhhhh ... am thankful to live in the US ... and i complain about public restrooms here!

medea said...

I've so been there!

I can't stand the filtyness of Japanese toilets. People always ask if I can use a squatter, like it's something only Japanese can do. But everytime I go in one, there are splash marks all around from other people not hitting the mark! Ugh.

Kathleen Marie said...

I am so but that was funny! I know it wasn't funny but it is funny. How frustrating! I emailed you your ornament exchange person. I hope you got it. If not, let me know asap! Thanks!

Michelle said...

LOL! squatties! Thank you for the link, I loved seeing one . . . gives me one more thing to be thankful for this thanksgiving. :=)