Sunday, September 03, 2006

Pictures Past

Bailey at about three months old.
Looking out Nanny's front door and trying to get Kitty Bella.

Bailey-bug. Sorry forgot to rotate it!!

Bailey is about a month old in this picture.

Our camera finally gave out. We lost her sometime during the night. She has served us well and will be greatly missed. She captured so many wonderful memories. Bailey's birth as well as Sophie's. My pregnant tummy. Hubs holding Bailey for the first time. Tiny feet. Great big smiles. Hopes. Dreams. Places visited. Faces seen. Weddings. Friends and family. An apartment that became a home. How two went to three and then to four. The story of our family- the story of my heart. Here is some of her best work. More will follow when and if Blogger co-operates.


Amanda & Andy said...

She had a good life... from breaking kneecaps, to look what I can do.... to the kiddies. She will be sadly missed. So when ya gettin a new one??? hahaha Here's my blog on myspace...

chelle said...

aww sorry to read about the camera. Ours is really sick and making funny noises!! It has to hold out a little longer though!

Those are great photos!!