Monday, September 04, 2006

Big Boy Pants

"I need pri'acy," Bailey said slamming the bathroom door in my face.

"Ok, but just let me help you.....," I said trying to pry the door open.

"No, Bailey do it."

I listened, the closed door between us. I heard him slide off his shorts and struggle with his underwear. Then came a grunt as he tried to climb up onto the toilet. A little tinkle tinkle, the rolling of toilet paper, a flush and then the hand towel as it fell to the floor.

He came running out the door and bare bottomed into the living room, arms raised saying, "Big boy pants. Yeah, yeah big boy pants."

Handing him his underwear and shorts to put back on, I said, "Don't forget to put these back on."

Sitting down to put them on, he tooted the fart horn. Smiling, he said, "Big boy butt is noisy. Mommy's big boy butt stinky."

Last I saw of him, he hiding from the tickle monster behind the couch with his big boy pants on his head.

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chelle said...

hehe isn't potty training fun!??!?!