Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fire- You Ain't No Friend Of Mine

Fire has never been my friend. Whenever we have collided fire has always won. We go back a long, long way.

Mom loves candles. I was small. The flame intrigued me. How fun it would be to take it to my room. I grabbed a paper napkin, lit it and headed for my room. The flame got closer and closer, hotter and hotter. I dropped it. Mom came running and put it out, but not before it burnt a whole in the carpet.

In the sixth grade, we went Christmas caroling with my 4-H club. We had just gotten to the door of my crush when the candle got a little too close to my over sprayed, over poofed hair. I hurried to beat it out and I didn't think anybody noticed, until I heard people asking, "What's that smell? What is burning?" I shrugged my shoulders and was thankful that my cheeks were already pink from the cold, so the others couldn't see my face go red.

As a teenager, at a condo at the beach for a week. In a blue, button up shirt that I had bought especially for the trip. I was cooking something and stretched up to get something from the cabinet above the stove. Boy, it sure is hot in here, somebody should turn up the sir conditioner. Looking behind me I realized my shirt was on fire. I smothered the flames as the ashes that was once my shirt, twirled around in the air. The laughter that came from the other room turned my face crimson.

You would have thought fire had had enough of me, but then came college. I had been invited to a friend's wedding. There were candles in the middle of the tables at the reception. I reached across the table to get something and my sleeve caught fire. Panic ensued. My friend insisted that I go to the hospital. I ended up in the back of her car, eating wedding cake on the way to the emergency room. After waiting for three hours, they slapped some kind of cream on my arm and said it was nothing to worry about.

When I am asked what my most embarrassing moments are, these are always the ones that come to mind. I haven't wrestled with fire in a few years and I like it just fine that way, thank you very much!!!

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Pamela said...

Oh my word, Trisha, it is unbelievable that you weren't hurt worse! You are like a cat with 9 lives, and I wouldn't want to see what yours and my angels look like...a bit bedraggled, I would imagine! hehe Thanks for the great post!

Dawn said...

I agree with Pamela! God must have a great plan for you that He wants you still here! You definitely want to avoid the eternal fire!

Kristen said...

It's a wonder you're still around!! I assume you do not have a fire place in your home. That would be an accident waiting to happen!

Thanks for participating! :-)