Monday, September 11, 2006


Michael Beekman, 39

"He would research something until he knew it completely," said John Furman, a co-worker at LaBranche & Company. "He was very organized, with his little notes all lined up. When he presented the information, people knew he was right and so they never were angry with him."
Michael E. Beekman was buried with a letter in his pocket addressed to the "best father in the world." The 39-year-old trade clerk for LaBranche at the New York Stock Exchange collapsed outside the St. George ferry terminal after escaping the attack. He later died of carbon monoxide poisoning. Beekman spoke to his wife after the attack to tell her he was fine and was coming home. He was described as a devoted husband and father to his two children, Michael, 10, and Theresa, 8.
--Compiled by Newsday
This is part of a tribute to honor the 2,996 victims of September 11, 2001. Other tributes can be viewed here.

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