Wednesday, August 02, 2006

You Raising Rabbits Or Something?!?!?

Grocery shopping yesterday, I asked Bailey what he thought we should have for dinner. I was expecting the usual "pasatata" or "fry fries" when he slung the shopping basket over his shoulder and ran towards a display of fruits and vegetables. He walked around the island, touching, admiring, looking for just the right thing.

He passed by bananas, pears, apples and all the other fruits. Amused, I watched as he turned to make a second trip. He disappeared around the corner and came back holding a big, orange CARROT!

"Bailey want orange," he said showing me his prize.

"That's not an orange, it is a carrot. You want to eat a carrot or an orange?"

"Yes," he replied.

I shrugged my shoulders and wrinkled up my nose, "Yes, carrot? Yes, orange?"

Sighing he proclaimed, "Yes, carrot orange."

The lightbulb came on. The carrot was orange, so of course it made sense to call it an orange. "Ok, how many do you want?"

"Four," he said going back to get more.

I helped him put them in a produce bag and he carried his treasure all around the store and even cried when he had to give them to the cashier!! At home, as I was preparing dinner (curry) he came into the kitchen and asked for a bite of carrot, ate it and wanted more! He ended up eating half a carrot and wanting more, but I had already added them to the curry.

What happened, here? Where is my vegetable hating little boy and who is this carrot eating rabbit in his place? Miracles never cease!


Tammy said...

Kiddo's go through stages like this...just go with it Lil' Momma!!

Tracie said...

Now, can you bring him over to my house to convice my daughter that carrots really are a good thing??

Wendy sent me to say hi!

Mama Duck said...

Awwww! My little guy hates veggies too, but that is just so cute! Bring him over here after he is done at Tracie's, ok? ;)

Trisha said...

Tammy- I am definately not complaining, just mystified and in awe!

Samantha said...

We've been going through a fruit stage at my house. My girls LOVE apples, peaches, bananas and grapes. We visited my grandparents the other day and they each ate THREE(that is NOT a misprint) peaches! It's all good though, I love to see them eat good stuff!

Trisha said...

Tracie and Lil duck duck- thanks for stopping by. He asked for carrots again this morning for breakfast. Actually it was carrots and milk- in a cereal bowl. Like Tammy said sometimes you just gotta go with it!

Trisha said...

Samantha- thanks for stopping by. Bailey has always loved fruits, but they didn't always love him back (too much fruit=tummy aches). Summer is the best time to enjoy fresh fruit, so I let him have a little bit for a snack.

Mommy the Maid said...

That is so cute! Good for you for letting him eat his orange carrots :D

Trisha said...

mommy the maid- thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you again!

tAnYeTTa said...

Yeahhh!!!! Veggies are yummy! At least that's what I keep telling my son when he makes nice artwork on the floor with his. :)