Saturday, August 05, 2006

With A Little Help From My Friends

Wow! Post number 100. I sure do blog a lot!! Anyway, without further ado, a work in progress....

100 Uses For Chopsticks

1. Barbie Stilts (as if those plastic high heels went enough.)
2. Knitting needles (you can tell I know nothing about knitting except that it involves two metals things and some kinda string)
3. Bookmark (when the book is so darn good you can't put it down to eat)
4. Kite frame (for days when you need to fly above it all)
5. Stinky sock picker upper (you've seen those nail fungus commericals, right?)
6. Back scratcher (when it itches, scratch it)
7. Coffee stirrer (for when, you know, you stay up too late stalking, I mean reading, other people's blogs)
8. Pick up sticks (anything to keep the kids for tearing the restaurant apart)
9. Toy train track (cause he lost interest in all his expensive toys months ago)
10. Stick dolls (dress 'em up and next thing you know you are taking 'em out for coffee, where, conviently they can also be used to stir your coffee)
11. Emergency high heel repair (cause all of us SAHMs wear high heels to clean, right?)
12. Build a birdhouse (to go with your pincone covered in peanut butter and bird seed)
13. Fishing pole (cause sometimes Mommy spends grocery money on books)
14. Karate Kid fly catcher (cause you know you want to)
15. Rubber band shooting gun (for days when you need to discipline from afar)
16. Goal for paper football (cause taking your stress out on the cat would just be mean)
17. Ruler (the shortest distance between two points is a straight line)
18. Walrus teeth (Bailey's laughter is contagious)
19. Emergency windshield wiper (frozen wipers sometimes break off)
20. Build a house (you know the story, three little pigs, one house of straw, one house of bricks and one house of chopsticks)
21. Plant stake (I claim this plant for the isle of Japan)
22. Sundail (perfect for power outages)
23. Q-tips (hey, just throw them in the dishwasher when you are done)
24. Tic Tac Toe Board (Xs and Os, Fingers and Toes)
25. Shish Kabob Skewer (a meal on a stick)
26. Hair holder upper (Thanks, Amy!)
27. Drumsticks (Thanks, Tanyetta!)
28. Conductor's baton (for days when life is like a musical)
29. Popsicle stick (for all those cups of juice you find left all over the house)
30. Pointer (I would like to show you exhibit A- a new roll of toilet paper in the toilet)
31. Magic Wand (if that kid with glasses and a z on his forehead can do it, anybody can do it)
32. Weaver's frame (gotta do something with all that wool Sophie brought back clenched in her fist from the petting zoo. I said pet the sheep, not yank it's hair out)
33. Picture frame (for framing the pictures of the shish kabobs you had that day you built the birdhouse and decided to eat the peanut butter off the pine cone)
34. Personal Protection ( I have a chopstick and I am not afraid to use it)
35. Treasure marker (Let your chopstick X mark the spot)
36. Fire starter (wasn't that a movie?)
37. Baseball bases (be careful ot to get a splinter when you slide into home)
38. Ring toss (use doughnuts! let the kids play with their food and then let the dog vacuum it up)
39. Roasting stick (S'mores, hot dogs lovingly prepared over the flame from your gas stove, less dishes to wash)
40. Channel changer (cause you know once Bailey hides the remote it is gone for good)
41. Creepy Crawler Remover (shoo always those summer bugs and caterpillars on their way - humanely)
42. Promise keeper (a visual to accompany the phrase cross my heart, just don't stick a real needle, or a chopstick for that matter, in your eye!!)
43. Roller upper (from toilet paper to bubble tape, Mommy, I just wanted to see HOW long it really was)
44. Hypnotize someone (waving chopstick back and forth while chatting you are geting sleepy- worked on Hubs, not on the kids)
45. "See" in the dark (nake a path of chopsticks from your bedroom to the bathroom, no need for nightlights, let your feet feel your way)
46. Make your own paper (you know chopsticks, wood, trees, pulp)
47. Create a marionette (a puppet, alright, a puppet with sticks)
48. Baton (attach sparkly ribbon, put on your knee high boots and march around the neighborhood cause that's what they expect form that foreign girl)
49. White flag (cause sometimes the best thing you can do is agree to disagree)
50. Prying it open (good for administering medicine, better for administering vegetables)
51. Poking holes in playdo (Thanks, Chelle!)
52. Painting lines (Chelle, again!)
53. Stirring pretend soup (Chelle's on a roll!)
54. Waking the cat (Chelle, of course)

Half of the way there, now add your two cents, raise your hand, stand up and be counted, let your voice be heard, amaze us with your wit, tickle our funny bone, tell it like it is, and a whole lotta other inspirational stuff.


Sunnidays said...

Okay, maybe it would help if I read all the way to the end before I posted the other comment....brain has fizzed out. I love "Rubber band shooting gun (for days when you need to discipline from afar)"...guilty...I ahve actually shot rubber bands at students before to wake them up (not hard, I promise!!)!!!!

Tammy said...

sorry I've been slow on the uptake and did not get you an idea...I still can't think of one!

chelle said...

My daughter uses chopsticks to poke holes in playdough, paint cool lines, stir pretend soup and wake the cat!

TANYETTA said...

how can you tell what number post you've made? i wonder if i've made 100 posts yet.

Overwhelmed! said...

What a fun idea for a 100th post. I'm trying to think of something to add to your list. I'll get back to you on that.

Would you mind linking this post on my "Hooray for 100" link exchange? I'd love my readers to stop by and give their input and I'm trying to get 100 bloggers to link. :)

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Overwhelmed! said...

Make a cross (2 chopsticks can easily make a cross, with a little tape or glue to hold them together)!

Mrs. Happy Housewife said...

I use chopsticks when I sew a struffed animal or doll. The chopstick is very helpful in getting the Poly-fil into all the nooks and crannys.

Barb Szyszkiewicz, sfo said...

Mix dry ingredients for baking. It also "fluffs up" the flour a bit, so it saves us lazy non-sifters a step!

renee said...

my husband (the real cook in our family) uses a coffee-grinder to grind spices. He uses chopsticks to clean out the grinder.