Sunday, August 06, 2006

August Happiness II

Another great idea floating around there in Blogland. For the entire month of August we are to list one thing a day that makes us happy. I am all about counting blessings, so here goes...

August 5- Feel good music (Blessed by Martina McBride song 1)

August 6- Rocking first Bailey and now Sophie to sleep with sweet lullabies (Godspeed- Sweet Dreams by Dixie Chicks song 2)


Tammy said...

was my music too depressing for ya???
I love this song!!!! and it fits you to a T!!!

Tammy said...

I also LOVE Godspeed!!!!

Trisha said...

Your music was great just made me miss Sundays with my family- going to church, reading the Sunday paper and all that other good stuff. But you know about homesickness, right? Glad you like my songs!