Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Thought I Forgot? No Way!!

Continuing with the idea of one bit of happiness everyday.....

August 11
Getting to sleep in. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does I am so much more relaxed. When I wake up the kids are dressed, fed and ready to start the day. Thanks Hubs!!

August 12
Curling up with a good book like one of those in my sidebar.

August 13
Getting to act like a kid again with my own son and daughter.

August 14
A chocolatey suprise after a long day. (Thanks again Hubs!)

August 15
Kisses and hugs. Even with peanut butter and jelly ooeeyy goooeeeyyy hands, they are the best.

August 16
Smiling at a stranger and having that stranger smile back!


Alison said...

Love them all.....but you may want to change "SIN & Daughter" to "SON & Daughter". Slip of the fingers!

Trisha said...

Alison- thanks for letting me know!

chelle said...

Those are very beautiful! Ahh a good book, kids, chocolate .... all of my favorite things!

Jessica said...

Very cute post!