Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thanks To You No More Pantyhose Problems!!

With the help of those out there in Blogland and a little trail and error, I figured out what the problem was- long links in my post and pictures that spilled over into the sidebar area. Live and learn. I really appreciate all of the help.

Anyway, my pantyhose are back up where they belong and now I am ready to be seen!!


Sunnidays said...

I need lots of help...everything I try to do to make my blog look better, I get it all messed up! Do you recommend a site that could help??

School started back today, so most of my writing will be on the weekends, but I will try to keep up with my reading (yours!).

Tammy said...

Well...well, I see you are "decent" now ;-D
I also see that you are a reader!!
I love Memoirs of a Geisha!! Read it and seen the movie!!!