Thursday, August 10, 2006

I. Have. A. Problem. Period.

Put it all together and what does that say? I have a problem period. Yeah! Yeah!

I have spent most of the morning trying to get a handle on this. Eyes glazed over, looking for the right feminine hygiene product. Stumbling upon tangerine scented pantyliners, (on the package it said for the fruity season, what is that about?)
disposable underwear for when it really gets bad, long ones, short ones, ones with wings, ones without, heavy flow, overnight, regular flow, tampons for beginners, douches, personal cleansing wipes, powders, medicines and heat patches. You think that I would find one, or at least a combination of two or three that would help.

Things weren't always this bad. When I was younger my period was never really regular and when it did come, I just soaked it up and went on my merry little way. Then, as I hit my twenties, it became regular, like clockwork and with it came cramps and diarrhea and backaches and headaches and fatigue. To sum it up, the little wave of once every 30ish days or so became a tsunami that knocked me out with its power.

After Sophie was born, at my six week check up I asked the doctor about this (my flow is pretty heavy) and he said if it doesn't bother you, it doesn't bother us, patted my knee and then hurried me out of the room. At that time I was just concentrating on taking care of two kids at once and so I didn't give it a second thought, until recently.

I am tired of leaks and stains and having to go to the bathroom so often to change, re-arrange or kick the wall in frustration. So, in a nutshell, it DOES bother me now. Even being on birth control pills doesn't seem to help. I have to have Midol, heat therapy patches, a pad and a tampon to even think about functioning.

Anyone else have this problem? I probably should see a doctor, but I would more than likely be told to grin and bear it. My SIL has endometriosis and that is basically what they told her. Yes, in case you are wondering, the doctor was a man.

The floor is now open for discussion.


chelle said...

That seems more than normal extreme. Since having Becca and my period returning (I nursed so I was period free for a year), I have had very heavy periods, however still manageable.

Keep bugging them till they get to the bottom of it!

Jennifer said...

B.C. pills really did help my flow--less heavy and less cramping. You might try a different type of pill. And I agree, keep bugging!

Tammy said...

if the pill is not helping...I mean you should have a very light period while on the pill...go back and tell the doc it is now bothering you...don't suffer in frustration!

Sunnidays said...

Been there...the link above is about uterine balloon therapy. About five years ago my flow was so heavy I had to change an overnight size pad every thirty mintues, 24 hours a day, for seven full days. Start to finish...flood. My ob-gyn suggested this instead of a Hysterectomy. It has worked so well...the PMS, cramps, and all of the other "beautiful" things about Mother Nature are still there, but I could wear the same thin panty liner for the three days of my period if I wanted to. Do some research, see the doctor. IT really works.

Barbara said...

My daughter had this problem for a long time, and it just got worse, until she started paining very badly over her left ovary. She ended up having to have a partial hysterectomy (uterus only), and it turns out she definitely had endometriosis in the worse way! But, the surgery got rid of her problems.

Her teenage daughter (16) was having the same problems, and her Mother's GYN DR put her on BCP's, and it has stopped her problems altogether.

Overwhelmed! said...

It sounds like your not comfortable with your current doctor because he's not listening to your concerns. Have you considered switching to a female doctor? Whether or not there's something wrong, I think you'd feel a lot better if you had a doctor that met your needs better.