Monday, August 14, 2006

Somebody Up There

In the shower this morning, I reached for the conditioner and tried to squeeze out some, puuuuooooossttttt, nothing but air. Shake, shake and tried it again. This time a pitiful pee-paw, donkey kinda sound and that was it. Looks like we are out of conditioner.

Scrambling to make breakfast because Bailey was wasting away, throwing a fit on the kitchen floor, unable to wait one second longer. I got the toast from the toaster, put the cereal in a bowl and got ready to pour in the milk. THE MILK!!! No, I had forgotten to buy it at the grocery store. He got yogurt with creal mixed in. He wasn't too happy about it but he ate it, grumbling the whole time.

Now time to clean the kitchen. Gotta love the smell of that orangey cleaner. Cleared off the counter, got ready to spray. The bottle sneezed a little and then on matter how hard I pumped it refused to co-operate. Dang blasted thing was empty, dry as a bone.

About that time Bailey came around the corner saying, "Sophie stinky. She poop." I just needed one more wipe to finish the job, put my hand into the container and came up, you guessed it, empty handed. Finished up with a tissue and wet washcloth and sat down to figure out what had happened here.

Usually I have a back up of everything. I hate to run out of the things we need, so I usually always buy two. With Hubs being gone as much as he has I guess I have been a little scatterbrained and I guess I took Bailey out to eat more than I should have because I was worn out and I guess that is why our budget for the week is a little off. Not a penny, really, to spare for conditioner, milk, orange spray cleaner or baby wipes.

Thoughts interupted by the beep of the washer, telling me the laundry was ready to be hung to dry. Bailey helped hang the towels on the laundry tree and then he handed something to me. "Mommy where this go?" he said waving something at me.

"Anywhere there is space," I said trying to get the clothes hung up so I could put Sophie down for a nap.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Bailey opening my purse, searching for something. "No, not there. Wet clothes don't go......" I stopped as I actually saw what he was doing. He had a 5,000 yen bill (About $50) in his hand and he was trying to put it in my wallet.

Somebody up there likes me............

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Tammy said...

I do the same thing...I try to keep 2 of everything because I despise having to go get stuff in the middle of the week or all weekend long cause I fell down on my list making!!!
Good Job Bailey!!!