Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mommy, Can We Take Him Home?

adopt your own virtual pet!

Bailey has a love hate realationship with dogs. He loves to watch them from far away, but when they get close to him he wraps his arms around my legs and hides until the dog passes. Lately, though he has become more interested in animals, particularly the large, gross beatles that they have for sale across the street. He wants to bring one of those nasties into our house. What about a hermit crab, I said. A hermit crab I could handle. Come near them at they retreat into their shells. He is havong none of that.

So when I came across this virtual pet site, I let Bailey choose which animal he wanted and the name. He even volunteered to share it with Sophie. This is a pet that both of us can agree on.


Sunnidays said...

My boys have always been afraid of dogs too. The oldest has almost out grown it unless it is a really big one, and the little one is getting better...if it is a gentle dog,he will actually pet it, but if it barks, forget it. I am not an animal lover, we use to have fish but when they died, we just took the aquarium down. I am such a bad momma!!!!! :)

Tammy said...

well now...I need me one of those goldfish...maybe I could keep a virtual one alive...surely...