Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A Solid Base

Mom with newborn Bailey.
Little sis, Amanda with newborn Bailey.

I want to clarify one of my earlier posts, In Other Words because I may have given the wrong impression.

Being pregnant with your first child you buy all the cute little socks and hats, you follow your doctor's advice, attend birthing classes and read What To Expect When You Are Expecting. But nothing really prepares you for the emotional upheveal that comes with having a baby. You expect to be overjoyed and madly in love, but sometimes it isn't like that.

Bailey was born in the States and while Hubs could be there for the delivery and a few days after, he had to return to Japan to work. Despite that, I wasn't completely going it alone as I may have given the impression. My Mom (affectionately known as Nanny Moms) and my little sister both helped me out tremendously. I know that it wasn't easy on them as they were both also working, but they did what they could and more. Without them, I don't think that I could have faced those days of emotional uncertainity and taking care of a newborn. When it was all too much to handle they were there to support me and help out (even though sometimes I was too stubborn to let them). My older sister, Michelle, lives farther away, but also helped when she came to visit by feeding and playing with Bailey. (He loved her crazy animal sounds!)

Then, about a year ago when I was pregnant with Sophie and dealing with bleeding and words like threatened miscarriage, Amanda came all the way from the States to help out. Then, after Sophie was born happy and healthy Mom took time to come to Japan and help me learn how to take care of two at once.

My family has always been there when I needed them the most and I thank God for them everyday. Without a good, solid base you loose your footing in life. Thank God my base is solid.


Tammy said...

what would we do without family and friends...although sometimes when there is people around and you have a touch of post partum depression it is normal to feel all alone!

Trisha said...

Thanks, Tammy that is exactly what I was trying to say.

Amy said...

I had the blues bad with my first. Thank God for family!