Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Chili Cheese Fries and Cheetahs

Sometimes a girl just gets a hankering for something cheesy, greasy good. Yesterday was one of those days and only chili cheese fries would do. I wedged up some potatoes, browned some hamburger meat and added some taco seasoning (the closest thing I had) and some onion and canned tomatoes. After it was all ready I sat down to taste and was pleasantly surpirsed. Not the best, but not bad.

Last night, as I got ready to wash up before I went to bed, I noticed this "cheetah" made from the oil I had used to fry the potatoes. Bailey's reaction? He dumped out the water and tried to use the pot as a hat. He doesn't not appreciate art, in the least!!
( Maybe it looks more like a leopard, now that I look at it again.)


Sunnidays said...

There is no greater comfort food...just add jalapeƱos and it would be PERFECT!!!! When I have a hectic day at school, this is my favorite lunch! No wonder I needed to lose weight so badly! HA HA

Trisha said...

Hey, you only live once right?

Tammy said...

Hey maybe you could have sold your leopard on ebay???
I love chili anything just not in the summer...to me that's my fall/winter thing...but then you thought it was fall yesterday, didn't your??

Trisha said...

See I am still all confused about the season. Another cool day here.