Sunday, July 23, 2006

How Bailey's Mind Works

Walking hand in hand with Bailey, he spies a little, shaggy, tan dog being walked by his owner. The dog is excitedly running along, wagging his tail.

I feel a tug on my hand, "Look, Mommy. Doggie wave. Hi, Mister Doggie!"

Riding in the car on the way home from grocery shopping, Bailey suddenly announces, "My name is Bailey Yonekura."

"That's right. Who's that?" I ask pointing to the car seat beside him.

"She Sophie Yonekura."

"Good job! How about this person? What is his name?" I gesture toward Hubs in the drivers seat.

"He Daddy Yonekura."

Stifling a laugh, "Ok. How about me? Who is this?"

"She Mommy Trisha Yonekura." Bailey, pleased with his work for the day, reclines back in his seat and grins from ear to ear.

Bailey's new nickname for Sophie is Soph. Today as she lay on the floor practicing rolling over, he went over lay down beside her, got eye to eye and said softly, "Sophie, let's play."

When no response came, he said in his mad boy voice, "I say let's play NOW!"

Bailey likes order and orginazation just like Daddy. When we came home from the grocery store he began help unpack and put away what we bought. He put the tissues in the bathroom along with the toilet paper. He came back, just itching to help and put another notch on his big boy belt.

"Can you put away the paper towels, please," I ask as I go off to put the soap powder in the laundry room.

"Finished!" he announced coming around the corner headed for his bag of diapers.

"Okay. Those go in Bailey's room." And off he goes again to put them away.

I was busy with Sophie's bath and didn't think anmore about it until they were both in bed. Opening the bathroom door, I was greeted with not only the toilet paper and tissues but also the paper towels and his diapers. To him, they were all bathroom things!


Andy and Mandy said...

It's always the first born that is the favorite... poor Mandy.. oops I mean Sophie. Mom has 7 days of work left, Christy is 5 days past her due date, and you are 4 days (US time) away from turning the big 3-0!! H & L is having a big BOGO sale, I got Michelle some BBQ Fritos, anything you guys want???

Tammy said...

Don't take this wrong...but my grand-dog is named Sophie--Soph for!!!
Grandgeeks have quite a good time with her!!

Trisha said...

Amanda- Shaky cheese and lots of it!!! Costco has forsaken us and decided to no longer carry it in the industrial size. What to do?

Trisha said...

Tammy- just thought it was cute that Bailey came up with it on his own. When she was first born he called her "Soapy"!!