Monday, July 31, 2006

A Cold Day In July

Stepped outside today and felt a brisk, cool breeze. Fall is just right around the corner, I thought to myself. I even put both of the kids in long pants and a cardigan on Sophie. On the way to school, the wind got pretty strong and there was Bailey holding his head and saying, "My hair, my hair." and then collapsing into giggles.

When we got to the building, the teacher said, "It sure is chilly today, isn't it?"

"Yes," I replied, "gonna be fall soon." Looking puzzled she just nodded.

Convinced that we were all going to catch our death from the chill, I turned off the air conditioner once Sophie and I got home and started in making a pot of beef vegetable soup. the house had just started to fill with the most delicious smelling aromas, when the timer on the washer started beeping. Time to hang out the wash. I opened the sliding glass doors and was met with the hard, unmoving air of summer. Sickeningly hot especially in a long sleeve shirt and jeans.

Sweating after I finished the laundry, I went inside turned on the AC and took the cardigan off a pink faced Sophie and put the soup into plastic containers to freeze. Too hot for clothes, too hot for soup. I would think about dinner later.

We went to pick Bailey up and he was wearing a short sleeved shirt and a pair of shorts. Smiling, the teacher said, "He was just too hot in those other clothes."

OK, point taken but for a minute there I was sure it was September, not July.


Tammy said...

this is going to sound crazy, but as I was reading this I wondered about the language you speak Japanese?

Trisha said...

Yes, we speak Japanese. Sometimes I think Bailey's is better than mine!

Sunnidays said...

I don't know about Japan, but in Louisiana, we don't get that feeling until November and I have worn shorts for Thanksgiving before. Heck, we have worn them for Christmas!!!!!

Trisha said...

It depends on where you live in Japan. But we usually don't really "feel" fall until October or sometimes even Novemeber.