Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Close Animal Encounters

Last Sunday, we went to a drive through safari park. We bought animal feed and waited for the animals to approach our car. Can't you just tell that this one was a messy, slobbery eater?

There was also a little zoo that had some cool animals, including this kangaroo momma and baby.

Sophie as Steve Irwin and Abbie sneaking into the picture.

Another attempt at getting all three kids together for a picture. At least, the turtle stood still.

Bailey feeding the potbelly pigs.

Sophie and Abbie trying their hand at it too.

I just liked the way this kinda looked like Siamese giraffes.

My mama feeding a llama.

That's me feeding an ostrich.

1 comment:

Gina said...

"My mama feeding a llama."...this sentence made me smile!

I love that first pic, very kind looking eyes. : ) But you're right, she's/he's a hot mess with the eating! Ha ha ha. : )